School of IT Design and 3D Modeling

Since October 2020, the Cherepovets city public organization "I CAN!", the winner of the "Stronger with CSS" grant competition, has been implementing the project "School of IT Design and 3D Modeling".

Within the framework of the project, courses were organized for adolescents and young people with disabilities from 14 to 18 years old to study computer graphics and 3D modeling.

In the spring, the project participants created 12 models of buildings for the historical quest "Milyutingrad". The layouts were printed on a 3D printer purchased as part of the project.

The quest tasks were adapted for different categories of participants (adults, children), several events were held (in the photo - a quest for children from a school health camp). In the fall of 2021, the quest will be launched for a wide audience.

Creating a socially significant order and working in a team are very important factors for project participants. After the holidays, guys will return to computer classes and workshops to continue their studies and practice.