Developing Together

And we continue a series of posts about our business trips to partners throughout Russia. Victoria Petrukhina visited the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Assistance Center for families of children with disabilities" in Rostov-on-Don.

Together we are implementing the project "Developing Together: Group Activities for Families with Children with Disabilities from 2, 5 to 18 Years", which starts in September this year.

The project is aimed at improving parent-child relations, including children with disabilities (ASD, genetic disorders, cerebral palsy, etc.) in the educational environment. Group classes for families allow children to gain the necessary experience of interacting with peers and adults for successful socialization in society, and parents to receive methodological and emotional support, which directly contributes to improving the quality of life of a child's family with disabilities.

Victoria talked with colleagues, saw how interaction with children from groups of different ages is built. At the meeting it was possible to discuss the formation of groups, possible difficulties, plans for scaling up activities and transfer of experience to other NGOs as well.