The 4th All-Russian Fonbet Adaptive Hockey

CSS Project Development Director Olga Suslova returned from Sochi, where the 4th All-Russian Fonbet Adaptive Hockey

Festival ended About 50 teams from 31 regions of Russia came to the festival.

According to the participants, the fight this year was much more intense than in the previous ones.

“The festival is held for the fourth time and we are happy to see how its scale is growing. This year, the competitions are already held at three venues and about 50 teams take part in them, which is five times more than at the beginning. It's not just competition. This is a celebration of willpower and fortitude, as well as an incredible holiday for children and adults. For several days of the festival, all participants unite and show by their own example how the quality of their daily life changes through sports passion, ” shared Olga Suslova.

After the competition, a colorful closing awaited the participants, where the names of the best attackers, defenders and goalkeepers in each division were announced. In the open air, the guys were able to dance to live music and see the magical fireworks, which became the final chord of the Festival.

Satisfied, they went to the hotel so that in the morning with a nagging feeling they would go to their cities in anticipation of the new hockey season and the new V All-Russian Fonbet Adaptive Hockey Festival.

We would like to note with particular pride that the Festival was held with the financial support of the CSS Charity Foundation.