The exhibition "Mixed feelings" opened in Murmansk


On February 3, teenagers from Polyarny came to Murmansk with the exhibition "Mixed feelings" and presented it in the open space of the Contemporary Art Center | SOPKI.21A. CSS President Olga Suslova came to the opening of the exhibition to greet the teens.

The project became a winner of the grant program "Stronger with CSS" in 2021. As a really creative project, it went through many changes in the process of implementation. During the Art Residency "City Investigation" by PERMM (Perm) and Polarny Museum team, the teens revised the main idea of the exhibition, dived deeply into their experiences and feelings, evaluated their place in the city, the role in their family, thought about the emotions they have to cope with when they are alone with themselves - this is how the exhibition "Mixed Feelings" was born.

The exhibition has already been presented in Polarny and Apatity in 2022. Special appreciation should be given to the work of the ANO "Culture in Action" team, whose efforts helped the project to continue after the end of the grant.

During the opening day the visitors could meet the authors of the project and discuss the teen's works. The light in the form of thinking about Polarny and its photos passes through prisms, refracts, remains on the walls and ceiling as colored reflections and changes the space. In the same way, the city and people are reflected in our memories, transformed into experiences, thoughts and actions that begin to change everything around us.

Translucent, colored, black and white silhouettes are metaphors for difficult teenage experiences: anxiety, loneliness, doubts, dreams about the future, relationships with parents, desire to find friends and support.
The exhibition will be open in Murmansk until March 5.