Ball Friendship: Family Strengthening

This is the name of our new joint project with the Pskov Regional Office of the Russian Children's Fund.

The project is implemented since 2017 and has already managed to show its effectiveness, until May 2022, the "Ball of Friendship: Family Strengthening" will be supported by CSS as part of the grant program "Stronger with CSS".

Regular football activities will be used as a means of psychological work to strengthen priorities and the principles of a healthy family. The project implementation will allow the systematic work on the removal of social tension and improving the living conditions of children from needy families and the wards of boarding schools of the Pskov region, said in the Children's Fund.

Until the middle of 2022, trainings will be held for specialists in working with children, a sports equipment will be purchased, the necessary repair of premises intended for sports, organized sports workouts of the project participants, a competition of video clubs, a football tournament and a festival, as well as many field events to the districts Areas with festive events and address (clothes, products) assistance to families.

"It so happened that interesting sports projects pass to the final of our grant program "Stronger with CSS" infrequently, so we were doubly pleasant to render the financial support of the project "Ball of Friendship: Family Strengthening", especially in 2021, our contest was aimed at supporting and strengthening families. I hope that through the football tournament and the festival, we will be able to inspire children and adolescents to our health and future", said Natalia Kovalenko, president of CSS.