From 1 June we will be accepting applications for the "Stronger with CSS. BECOMING SELF-SUFFICIENT"!

And we are excited to announce our new grant competition, «Stronger with CSS: Becoming Self-sufficient».

The goal of the Competition is to promote successful integration of socially disadvantaged teenagers and young adults in the society using assisted living techniques.

Until July 14, 2023, we are accepting applications from nonprofit organizations that are implementing projects to help children in the areas of

- Learning Apartments

Social services based on specially equipped rooms for temporary housing of socially disadvantaged adolescents and young adults. Assistance for social workers to teach independent living skills through mastering the necessary social competencies and adapting to independent living.

- Assisted living techniques

Introducing, applying and replicating (permanently) assisted living techniques for young adults with disabilities with the necessary assistance to develop and support independence in daily living to the greatest extent possible and to provide the conditions for full participation in social life.

- Professionals

Training and competency development for professionals working in assisted living.

More information about the competition is available here. We look forward to your applications.