We share the presentation and the link to the webinar for the grant program

We announce the start of the competition!

With joy and pride we announce the start of accepting applications for this year's first Contest "Stronger with CSS. Acting together."


From 1 June we will be accepting applications for the "Stronger with CSS. BECOMING SELF-SUFFICIENT"!

We continue to develop our new contests

Another experts meeting took place this week. This time, the focus was on the topic of supporting families with children and child-parent relationships.


We don't just keep working. We are launching a new contest as part of our “Stronger with CSS” program

The news everyone has been waiting for

Today, February 15, we start accepting applications for the STRONGER WITH CSS. SPORT FOR DEVELOPMENT».


February 22, 2022 at 11:00 am (Moscow time)

First webinar dedicated to the current Sports for Development competition

We continue to accept applications under the “Stronger with CSS” grant program

Introductory webinar for the new competition

We would like to invite you to the introductory webinar for the new competition "Stronger with CSS. Becoming self-sufficienct"!

The "Feel" project will help professionals better understand their clients

CSS supported еру project , which aims to increase the psychological competence of professionals working with young people with autism spectrum disorders, eating disorders, mood, self-control and experiencing PTSD.

Professional prospects

This month marked the end of the "Try a Profession in Practice" mentoring program. Thanks to this program, students with disabilities were able to make useful contacts and immerse themselves in the profession they're studying.

“Repair Café” in Kostroma: Where the Vision of Conscious Consumption Faded Amidst Fabric and Thread

Starting a social project is a risky business. Even with the support of donor organizations, not always the idea gets the desired continuation. Natalya Teplinskaya, the curator of the Repair Café project and the head of the humanitarian programs department of the Second Breath Foundation, in a very honest interview recalled how it all began, how the project developed and what traces it left in Russian eco-education.

In the beginning was the word. How conversations about HIV help teenagers manage their condition

Today, HIV is a chronic condition that one can live with for a long time, fully and actively, without transmitting the virus to an HIV-negative partner, enabling the creation of families, childbirth, and child-rearing. The primary requirement for those infected is to rigorously maintain lifelong therapy, consistently monitor the condition, and regularly consult healthcare professionals.  HIV demands significant self-discipline and responsibility from the individual living with it. We inquired with Maria Bryanskaya, a representative of the Children Plus Foundation and coordinator of the Trampoline project, about nurturing these qualities in adolescents facing difficult life situations, including those in orphanages. 

Announcing the winners of the "Stronger with CSS. Acting Together."

It is significant that the honor of announcing the winners of the "Stronger with CSS. Acting together" Competition fell on the Day of Knowledge. Today, experts, important adults, and institutions unite to help children (teenagers and young adults) learn more about themselves and the world around them and develop their skills for realizing their potential.

Joining forces for a positive future for our children

A tragic case occurred in Belgorod that exposed a huge social problem.

Stronger with CSS 2022

The most frequent and popular question in our direct is, of course, the start dates for accepting applications for grants under the “Stronger with CSS” program.

One of the topics of the next "Stronger with CSS" will be sports

Today CSS hosted a meeting of specialized experts in the field of sports.

Expert comments

The misson of our foundation is to help NGOs and charities that help vulnerable Russian families become stronger. Primarily through our “Stronger with CSS” grant competition. Therefore, we are very attentive to your comments, questions and wishes, and today, upon numerous requests, we are ready to disclose the main comments of the experts.
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